Spring Is the Best Time for a Heating Tune-Up

Winters in Pennsylvania get cold, so we know you rely on your gas or oil-fired boiler or furnace to keep you warm through the winter months. If you’re like many homeowners in the Claysburg, PA area, you want to ensure you stay comfortable during the colder part of the year, so properly keeping up with your heating maintenance is at the top of your list. With spring well underway, and temperatures creeping up, your heating system is probably one of the last things on your mind as you’re preparing for ways to stay cool during the hot spring and summer months, but did you know that now is the best time to book your heating tune-up? That’s right. The best time for annual heating maintenance is in the spring after your heating system has been powered down for the season. During the cold months, your heating system works hard for you to keep your family warm and comfortable. At the end of the season, a tune-up is just what it needs. Continue reading this blog post from Barnes Petroleum Products to learn why spring is the best time to schedule your heating system maintenance appointment.

Why Book a Heating Maintenance Appointment Now?

You may be thinking, why book my furnace or boiler heating tune-up now? Waiting until fall is an alternate choice, but the truth is that many Claysburg, PA families wait until fall season to book their annual heating tune-ups, and with the fall rush, you may not get an appointment slot at a time that’s convenient for you. The other factor is that we never know when that first fall chill will set in. While fall is months away, we know we can help you get ahead of the game by performing annual heating maintenance for you now.

Top Benefits of an Annual Heating Tune-Up

When it comes time to power on your furnace or boiler, you’ll reap the benefits of an annual heating system tune-up like:

  • Maximized energy efficiency
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower energy bills

Schedule Your Heating Service with Barnes Petroleum

Don’t wait until the next cold season rolls around to prepare for lower temperatures. Give your heating system the TLC it deserves after a hard winter’s work and have one less thing to worry about this year. When you’re ready to book annual heaing tune-up maintenance with Barnes Petroleum, give us a call, or conveniently request service online. We can’t wait to hear from you.