The Top 4 Reasons to Sign Up for Automatic Heating Oil Delivery in PA

For many homeowners in Pennsylvania, there isn’t a lot of downtime between the hustle of the holiday season and the busy summer months to come. While it is fulfilling to always have something to look forward to, plan, or pack a suitcase for, it can also make it difficult to keep up with your homeowner’s to-do list. The team at Barnes Petroleum knows you’re busy all year long, and that’s why we are committed to crossing a recurring task off that to-do list by offering automatic delivery. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about automatic delivery and why you should consider signing up for this program. 

Why Should You Enroll in Automatic Oil Delivery in PA? 

Total Convenience at No Additional Cost 

Gone are the days of stressing about closely monitoring your tank and ordering and scheduling yourself. When you enroll in automatic heating oil delivery, we do all of that for you! Barnes Petroleum uses advanced technology to track your usage history and temperature calculations, and then we use this information to build a custom delivery schedule tailored to your exact heating needs. When we are alerted that you’re due for a refill, we take care of the ordering, scheduling, and delivery for you! And the best part? It’s a service we offer our valued customers completely free of charge.  

Smarter Spending on Fuel Oil 

Automatic delivery helps you optimize your heating budget! Not only does a custom delivery schedule lead to more efficient fill-ups, but automatic delivery could also help you avoid spikes in fuel prices. For example, if a stretch of sub-zero weather is forecasted, people will likely prepare by calling for fuel delivery, resulting in increased prices. An automatic plan means your tank is consistently monitored, so you’re more likely to save money by just needing a top-off. 

Decreased Safety Risk 

Running out of heating oil is dangerous and can cause significant damage to your system; plus, it can cause you a major headache. If you run out of oil at night, on a weekend, or on an extremely cold day, it can be stressful, uncomfortable, and expensive to right the situation. Automatic delivery protects you from this issue. If you take advantage of our free automatic delivery program, you significantly decrease the chance of a fuel run-out and increase your peace of mind. 

Simple Sign Up with Barnes Petroleum 

Signing up for this free and convenient program is easy! Simply give us a call, and we will help you enroll in just a few minutes. 

When you prioritize home comfort and convenience, count on Barnes Petroleum as a partner. We offer reliable, efficient, and experienced service, and we look forward to increasing your comfort through our free automatic fuel delivery program. We also offer budget plans if you’re curious about other ways to maximize your home comfort spending. Contact Barnes Petroleum today to learn more!