Heating Tune-Ups & Repairs from Qualified Technicians

Has your home heating furnace or boiler seen better days? We’ve seen our fair share of inefficient oil and gas heating equipment, but don’t worry—the team at Barnes Petroleum is here to help. Reduce your heating bills annually, get better peace of mind, and increase the value of your home and property with a heating repair and efficiency boost from our experts. You can even contact us for service online at any time that’s convenient for you to submit your request.


Efficiency Tune-Ups for Heating Systems

Every homeowner and resident in Pennsylvania should be scheduling an annual efficiency tune-up with their heating provider of choice. One annual preventative maintenance appointment will provide you with all the following benefits!

  • More savings on oil heating fuel bills
  • Reduced risk of repairs and service calls
  • Greater home heating efficiency
  • Smaller carbon footprint with fewer emissions
  • Better home heating peace of mind


Repairs for Broken or Inefficient Heating Equipment

Is your boiler giving you a hard time? Whether it operates inefficiently, inconsistently, or not at all, contact Barnes Petroleum for reliable repairs and maintenance. Our HVAC team is highly trained to troubleshoot and solve a variety of home heating repairs on various boiler, furnace, and water heater models, all at an affordable price. Get a quote today or request service easily online!


24/7 Heating Services in Greater Claysburg

Please don’t forget that we at Barnes Petroleum offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the winter season. From November through April, we will come to your home whenever you need us, even if it’s the middle of the night! We would never dream of leaving our valued customers in the cold. If you need us, you call us—it’s as simple as that.