The Benefits of a Payment Plan

When winter rolls around in Pennsylvania, we know that no one looks forward to the expense of home heating. Winters in Claysburg, PA get chilly, and home heating is a necessity. This means that if you’re like every other homeowner, you end up paying lump sums for the oil you need to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter. What if we told you that there is an easier way that is friendlier to your budget? At Barnes Petroleum, we offer payment plans and budget programs to help families alleviate the burden of high winter heating bills.

How Our Fuel Budget Plan Works in PA:

At Barnes, we prioritize making sure our customers don’t have to deal with expensive fuel payments, especially around the holiday months! By enrolling in our budget program, you can enjoy a predictable, low fuel bill from July through April instead of paying huge sums of money over the winter. Here’s how it works:

  • We estimate the annual fuel gallons you’ll need for the entire year.
  • We multiply the number of gallons by the market price of your fuel.
  • We divide this price into 10 low, predictable invoices that we bill monthly.

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Why Sign Up for a Fuel Delivery Payment Plan?

Why not sign up for a payment plan for your fuel oil delivery? You pay for all your other household utilities by monthly payment, so why not your home heating fuel as well? One great benefit of a low, predictable payment is that you can work it into your budget with your other monthly bills, rather than feeling broke during the winter.

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Enroll Today with Barnes Petroleum Products

Enrolling in a budget plan is simple. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us you’re interested. We’ll help you sign up so you can say goodbye to high winter heating bills for good. Get in touch with us to enroll today.