How to Avoid a Winter No-Heat Emergency in PA

As a conscientious homeowner, you prioritize staying warm and comfortable as temperatures drop–so you want to avoid the distress of a sudden no-heat emergency. Besides personal discomfort and needless stress, the freeze brought on by no-heat emergencies poses a risk of causing permanent damage to your home.

Get in touch with the expert technicians at Barnes Petroleum Products if your furnace or boiler heating system stops working. The sooner you contact us, the more likely you will avert permanent damage. Meanwhile, as a diligent homeowner, you’d likely appreciate some advice on preventing no-heat emergencies completely. We at Barnes Petroleum Products would love to provide you with some beneficial home heating tips for averting a crisis in the first place.

PA Homeowner No-Heat Emergency Prevention Tips

1. Check Your Thermostat

Confirm that your batteries aren’t dead. Also, set your thermostat to the “auto” or “heat” option, and make sure that you set the thermostat temperature above your home’s current temperature.

2. Check your heating system’s breaker

In the event of electrical issues, safety concerns will trip your breakers. Therefore, you should consciously check the status of your system’s breaker instead of relying on memory alone. Additionally, verify the operation of the red emergency switches on the heating unit or atop your basement stairs.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Fuel in Your Tank

Check your heating oil tank gauge to confirm that you have enough fuel in your tank. Call us at Barnes Petroleum Products for a refill if your heating oil tank gauge reads at 1/4 or lower. Remember that time is of the essence!

4. Only Press Your Heating System Reset Button Once

Do not press the red reset button on the side of your furnace or boiler heating system more than once. If your system experiences a malfunction, then press it carefully and wait for a reset. Repeated resets can pose risks to your heating system and home. If a reset fails, then we advise you to call our expert technicians who will gladly come to your assistance.

5. Get In Touch with Us

If all else fails, call Barnes Petroleum Products at (814) 239-8161, or toll-free at (800) 746-8090. The technicians at Barnes Petroleum Products gladly serve our customers, bringing warmth and comfort to homes in the harsh Pennsylvania winters. Besides emergency service, we provide automatic delivery, top-level annual equipment tune-ups, upgrades, and new system installations–all of which play a vital role in avoiding no-heat emergencies.

Reduce Your Risk of a Heat-Out Emergency

Barnes Petroleum Products provides yearly heating equipment efficiency tune-ups, safety checks, and affordable fuel budget plans. Rest assured of the quality services we provide year-round, enabling your home comfort and safety. Contact us for a quote today!