Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Cooling Equipment

The dog days of summer are right around the corner here in Pennsylvania, and if you haven’t kicked on your A/C yet, it’s about time. Keeping your home and family cool and comfortable this warm season is probably a priority for you, so if your current air conditioner is showing some signs of wear and tear, it may be time for an upgrade. Replacing and upgrading your air conditioning system comes with endless benefits, and it’s an HVAC task you don’t want to put off especially with the days heating up like they are. Keep reading to find out some of the common signs that it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner.

3 Signs It’s Time for an Air Conditioning System Upgrade

1. High Energy Bills:

If you’ve stayed on top of your tune-ups, or if you’ve skipped a few too many, and your energy bills are starting to go through the roof, the problem might be that your cooling equipment is working too hard. To make matters even worse, your A/C may not even be completely cooling your home properly, but the bills are still adding up. Upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioner can help you save in the long run!

2. Strange Sounds:

Is your A/C making strange noises? If you’re hearing clunking, grinding, squeaking, or chattering, it may be time for an upgrade. Air conditioners aren’t supposed to make a lot of noise to begin with, so don’t take these sounds as a normal sign of aging. If your air conditioner is making strange noises, consider upgrading.

3. Lack of Cool Air:

If you’re experiencing a lack of cool air from your air conditioner, that is the number-one sign that it’s time for an upgrade. If you turn on your A/C and cool air doesn’t start coming out within a few minutes, you will know that it’s not performing properly. If you’ve checked your vents and ductwork for clogs, it may be time for an upgrade.

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